BMSD 2012

Second International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design

4-6 July, 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

General Information

The Second International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2012) provides a specialized forum to researchers and practitioners who are interested in business modeling and its relation to software design. The scientific areas of interest to the symposium are in the following directions: (i) Business Models and Requirements; (ii) Business Models and Services; (iii) Business Models and Software; (iv) Information Systems Architectures. Each year, a special theme is chosen, for making presentations and discussions more focused. The theme of BMSD'12 is: FROM BUSINESS MODELING TO SERVICE-ORIENTED SOLUTIONS.

Adequate business models are of huge importance not only for understanding and re-engineering an organization but also for automating (part of) its processes by means of software systems. Not grasping correctly and exhaustively a business system would lead inevitably to consequent software failures. BMSD 2012 is addressing these challenges, by considering a large number of research topics: from more abstract ones, such as essential business models to more technical ones, such as software specification, from more business-oriented ones, such as business process management and coordination, and requirements specification to IT architectures -related topics.

Goals and Topics

The goal of BMSD 2012 is to focus on the broad range of aspects already mentioned. The symposium aims at contributing to the dissemination of research results, and supporting in this way the wider applicability of business models.

Topics of interest for the symposium include, but are not limited to:

- Business Analysis - Value Models and Process Models
- Essential Business Models
- Re-usable Business Models
- Relating Business Goals to Requirements
- Business Process Coordination
- Business Entities and Business Roles
- Business Data and Semantics
- Business Rules
- Behavior Modeling and Pragmatics
- Identification and Elicitation of Requirements
- Domain-imposed and User-defined Requirements
- Requirements Analysis

- Business Modeling and Service Science
- Relating Business Goals to the Identification of Services
- Service Modeling - Technology-independent and Platform-specific
- Business Rules and Service Composition
- Autonomic Service Behavior
- Context-aware Service Behavior
- Re-usable Service Models

- Business Modeling -driven Derivation of Software
- Business Innovation and Software Evolution
- Business-IT Alignment and Traceability
- Re-usable Business Models and Software Components
- Business Rules and Software Specification
- Business Goals and Software Integration
- Autonomic and Context-aware Business/Software Systems

- Enterprise Architectures
- Service-Oriented Architectures
- Architectural Styles
- Architectural Viewpoints
- Crosscutting Concerns

Paper Submission

BMSD 2012 invites papers describing original contributions related to the topics listed above. Submitted papers should be in English. The papers should be prepared and submitted according to the instructions.


The BMSD'12 proceedings will be published by SciTePress and included in the SciTePress Digital Library. Extended versions of the best BMSD'12 papers will be published as a volume in Springer's LNBIP series. Further, a short list of presented papers will be selected so that revised and extended versions of these papers will be published in a special issue of the international journal Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA).

Symposium Format

The symposium will be a three-day event with oral presentations and two types of papers are considered, namely Invited Papers and Regular Papers.    


Address: IICREST c/o B. Shishkov (BMSD 2012 Event); P.O. Box 104; 1618 Sofia; Bulgaria
e-Mails: Symposium ChairSecretariat